What processes have aluminum products gone through from raw materials to processing and molding?

Aluminum precision casting can be made into aluminum products. Although the scales and shapes are different, the precise size, exquisite appearance and stable performance can benefit the people and the people, and build a different color for life. In our lives, there is always the company of aluminum products, such as aluminum plates, aluminum tubes, aluminum frames, aluminum shells, etc., which cover all aspects of our lives. They are all made of aluminum through precision processing, the selected raw materials are the same, but the final application field and role will be different, forming a variety of aluminum products, and this is made of aluminum products Determined by the processing flow.

The processing flow of aluminum products determines what role it should play or what role it should play after molding. Therefore, the processing of aluminum products is particularly important. Let’s take a look at the aluminum products from raw materials to molding. Process experienced.

Aluminum products from raw materials to processing and forming1

1. Die casting molding
Each type of aluminum product has specific size requirements, and it must be precise and sophisticated in order to be easily put into use. This requires aluminum product processing manufacturers to have skilled die-casting molding technology and mold opening customization capabilities to achieve mass production and Refined manufacturing. Die-casting molding is to heat the aluminum to a certain temperature, and after the aluminum alloy is melted, it is injected into the mold, and then it can be taken out of the mold after cooling and forming to form aluminum products with complex shapes and precise dimensions.
2. Polishing
After aluminum products are formed, the metal surface will have roughness, unevenness, scratches, burrs, particles, etc. Such aluminum products are not beautiful or complete, so aluminum products need to be polished after forming. The surface is polished. The common methods of polishing include mechanical polishing, chemical polishing and electrolytic polishing. The polished aluminum products have no flaws, smooth, smooth, and clean surface, just like a mirror.
3. drawing
Aluminum products are distinguished from ceramics, wood, plastics and other materials, not only in terms of the high hardness of the metal itself, but also in the unique metal texture of the aluminum products themselves. Aluminum products can be favored in life, and the metal texture is indispensable. The beauty of calm atmosphere brought by people, and the drawing process is often used to enhance the metal beauty of aluminum products in the process of processing and forming aluminum products.
Wire drawing and polishing are both refined treatments on the surface of aluminum products to improve aesthetics, but the difference between wire drawing and polishing is that it forms new lines on the metal surface, changing the deficiencies of the original surface or making use of different lines. Regular and relatively uniform lines to enhance the metallic texture and aesthetics of aluminum products.
4. anodizing
The most worrying thing about aluminum products in daily life is oxidation and corrosion. Once they are corroded, they will not only affect the aesthetics due to corrosion, but also the corroded parts will become fragile and affect the overall stability. Anodizing is indispensable here. Process. Anodizing is a surface treatment process that can not only improve the appearance of aluminum products, but also their corrosion resistance and wear resistance. By placing the aluminum materials in the corresponding electrolyte and specific process conditions, an electric current is applied to the surface of the aluminum products An oxide film is formed. Aluminum product processing manufacturers can oxidize the surface of aluminum products into various colors during the anodizing process, so that aluminum products have more molding directions in appearance, and at the same time, the oxide layer is dense and not easy to fall off, ensuring the quality of aluminum products is stable and durable.

Aluminum products from raw materials to processing and forming2

The aluminum products we come into contact with in our daily life are not only sturdy and durable, but also exquisite and beautiful. In order to achieve such an effect, it is inseparable from the processing and molding process mastered by the manufacturer. Of course, the above-mentioned processes are not all, the manufacturers must think To produce all kinds of aluminum products, the choice of technology must also be considered. However, it is always the same. Careful casting and pursuit of quality are the tenet that manufacturers must uphold in the production of aluminum products.

Post time: Aug-14-2020