The characteristics and uses of industrial aluminum profiles

1. There are various specifications and sizes, and the size of the long side and the short side are multiples. For example, our common 4040, 4080, 40120, 4040 are square, all four sides are 40mm, and 4080 is the long side 80mm. The short side is 40mm, and the long side is twice the short side. Of course there are also special ones, such as 4060, the long side is 1.5 times the short side.
2. There are only two slot widths, 8mm and 10mm. Although there are hundreds of specifications for industrial aluminum profiles, their slots are basically only these two sizes, especially small, for example, the 2020 slot is 6mm. This is to use conventional accessories. We know that industrial aluminum profiles are generally connected by bolts and nut corners, and these accessories are of common specifications, so the assembly of accessories should be considered when designing aluminum profiles.
3. There are two kinds of national standard and European standard. The difference between the European standard aluminum profile and the national standard aluminum profile is also in the notch. The European standard is a trapezoidal groove with a large upper and a smaller one. The national standard groove is a rectangular groove, the same as the upper and lower. The connectors used in the national standard and the European standard are different. I personally think that the European standard industrial aluminum profile is better. The European standard has more specifications than the national standard. There are also some customized non-standard industrial aluminum profiles, which can be used with European standard connectors or national standard connectors.
4. The wall thickness of industrial aluminum profiles will not be too thin. Unlike architectural aluminum profiles, industrial aluminum profiles only play a decorative role, and the wall thickness will be very thin. Industrial aluminum profiles generally play a supporting role and require a certain load-bearing capacity, so the wall thickness should not be too thin.


Industrial aluminum profile is an alloy material, which has a wide range of uses and is more popular in the current market. Because of its good coloring ability, good chemical and physical properties, it gradually replaces other steel materials and becomes a material used in many industries.
Broadly speaking, industrial aluminum profiles are aluminum profiles except for doors and windows, curtain wall aluminum, and architectural decoration aluminum profiles. For example, some rail transit, vehicle body, production and living aluminum can be called industrial aluminum profile. In a narrow sense, the industrial aluminum profile is the assembly line aluminum profile, which is a cross-sectional profile made of aluminum rods that are smelted and put into a die to be extruded.
This kind of profile is also called aluminum extrusion profile, industrial aluminum alloy profile. It has a wide range of uses and can be used in many industries. Common uses are to make various equipment racks, equipment protective covers, large column supports, assembly line conveyor belts, mask machine frames, dispensers and other equipment skeletons. Here is a brief introduction to the use of industrial aluminum profiles in a narrow sense, as follows:
1. Equipment aluminum frame, aluminum frame
2. Assembly line workbench skeleton, belt conveyor line support, workshop workbench
3. Workshop safety fence, large equipment protective cover, light screen and arc-proof screen
4. Large maintenance platform and climbing ladder
5. Medical equipment bracket
6. Photovoltaic mounting bracket
7. Car simulator bracket
8. Various shelves, racks, large-scale cultivation room material racks
9. Workshop material turnover cart, aluminum profile tool cart
10. Large-scale exhibition display racks, workshop information display boards, whiteboard racks
11. Sun room, clean shed
In addition to the above-mentioned common uses, it can also be made into the framework of various products. In general, you can use it whenever you want to. It should be noted that there are many specifications of industrial aluminum profiles, and you can select materials according to your own needs when choosing. All of them are connected with matching aluminum profile accessories, which are safe and stable, and easy to disassemble.


Post time: Jun-03-2019