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The products made from the whole plate tensile aluminum sheets. The freezing time is about 20 minutes faster than other materials, which improves the working efficiency. The product has a high environmental performance, raw materials can be recycled. Stretching, manual freezing box specifications and dimensions can be customized according to customer needs.

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China is the world's largest exporter of aquatic products.It is the place where aquatic products are processed and frozen.
Current Main Market,most of the frozen materials used are plastic, stainless steel, galvanized board and so on.They have poor thermal conductivity, high energy consumption, easy to damage, and complicated operation process.
The product is made of high quality aluminum sheet. It has the advantages of long service life, good heat transfer and quick demoulding speed and so on.
After using them by large domestic and foreign frozen enterprises, they gave a good evaluation, and batch application in the production of frozen processing technology.

The AppIication Of Frozen Tray

Independent development of aluminum alloy box of frozen, adopt high quality aluminum sheet and aluminum whole board and has long service life, heat transfer effect is good, add the advantages of fast speed, the large frozen enterprises at home and abroad to use all get good word of mouth, the products are widely used in aquatic products, agricultural and sideline products, frozen food, seafood, meat and other frozen processing industry.

Specifications of 1 Kg aluminum alloyfreezing tray: 45*165*245

Specifications of 2Kg aluminum alloy freezing boxes: 68*200*282 68*195*295


Three frozen boxes each group with bottom: 295 * 165 * 68


Three frozen boxes each group by welding: 641 * 300 * 80


Specifications of 10Kg (manual) freezing boxes: 45*370*550


Frozen foods mold 533x297x22(bottom tray)


Specifications of 20Kg aluminium alloy freezing boxes: 50*510*760


Customized processing according to customer needs


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