Aluminum Alloy Platen

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Aluminum alloy extrusion material, not easy to rust, solved the other material for wet weather rust, discoloration, etc., The weight of aluminum alloy material, compared with the stainless steel, iron, one of only three points, reduce body weight, reduce fuel consumption.

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This product is my company independent research and development of internal r&d team of functional products, one of the large-scale use in xugong group, and other enterprises, has won the market wide acclaim.The size and shape can be adjusted according to the vehicle products, reduces the installation of some complex problems.

Product Features

1. Internal use a variety of strengthening structure, compared with other material, effectively avoid the problem of deformation and fracture;
2. With a non-slip surface lines, relative to other anti-skid products, effect is much better;
3. The product size and shape may be adjusted depending on the vehicle, avoids the complex installation problems.
4. No pollution, recycling.

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Aluminum Alloy Platen-1
Aluminum Alloy Platen-2
Aluminum Alloy Plate3
Aluminum Alloy Platen-4

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