Aluminum Alloy Pallet

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1. Aluminum pallet _materials for aluminum alloy materials, it's development conform to the requirements of the societ It can be recycled and reused.
2. Meet for various applying environment, convenient and clean, not easy to breed bacteria.
3. Thewe ht of the smg|e productIs Ii9ht,and theIoad meets the requlrements. Compared wlth the stee| matena|,the weight of the same specification 1s only one third of their weight.

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Pallets are mainly used for turnover in the warehouse and logistics.Environmental protection, food safety and other issues have become increasingly prominent.
Aluminumalloy pallet, as a substitute for wooden pallets, plastic pallets and steel pallets, They have been widely used in developed countries such as Europe and America.

Product Description

Silver, Black or as requested 
Surface treatment 
Light weight,convenient,clean,not easy to breed bacteria 

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