Agricultural Aluminum Planting Rack

  • Picking Mushrooms Aluminum Alloy Platform

    Picking Mushrooms Aluminum Alloy Platform

    (1)This product is our factory design and development of the hand -type construction aluminum alloy mushroom truck. It can move up and down and left and right freely.
    (2)It has brake system, light weight and high bearing. It uses special design to strengthen the profile, the strength is bigger, the appearance is more beautiful.
    (3)The steel wire used for lifting can be hidden inside the profile, which is more convenient to use and avoids pollution of heavy metal.
  • Aluminum Growing Mushrooms Shelves

    Aluminum Growing Mushrooms Shelves

    Product advantages:
    1. Cheap price, light weight, good stability, anti-rust, antioxidation
    2. Suitable working in dark and environment in planting room
    3.Construction simple, easy to disassembly and assembly
    4.Standardization, strong and stability to use
    5. Long service life
    6. Eco-friendly by recyle